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Our client-exclusive
investment opportunity

310 Units

2625 Community Dr, Dallas, TX 75220

Multifamily Apartment Investment

Maravilla Info_edited.jpg

Investment Opportunity Highlights

  1. Number of units: 310

  • Debt: Fixed-Rate Freddie Mac loan with 5 years of interest only 

  • Leverage: 70%

  • 5-Year Projected Total Return: 93%*

       (* an improvement on previously projected 87.13% dueto reduction in tax rate by our tax professionals)

  • Annual Cash on Cash Projected Return: 5.51%

  • Capital Raise: ~ $16,600,000

  • Minimum Investment: Minimum investment of $60,000 (Cash & Solo 401k funds acceptable / IRA funds may be accepted depending on timelines)

  • Estimated Date Investment Will Open to Investors: November 8th

  • Estimated Time of Closing: December 15th

  • Depreciation Losses: Bonus depreciation will be applied to the 2023 tax year. Our cost segregation specialist estimates depreciation losses of 41% of your investment! The best part is that our cost segregation specialist tends to be very conservative, so there is a good chance the depreciation losses will be higher than 41% of the invested amount.

Six Reasons We LOVE This Deal!

1. Extremely Low Delinquency
Over the past 12 months, Maravilla has only lost 0.37% of gross potential rent to bad debt and delinquency. 
2. Fixed Debt
We are securing a 70% Loan-to-Value (LTV) FIXED-RATE Freddie Mac loan. By opting for fixed debt, we're shielding ourselves from the risks associated with variable interest rates, providing stability for the entire hold period.
3. Untapped Renovation Potential
A significant opportunity awaits as 279 of Maravilla's 310 units have not undergone renovations. Currently, renovated units are achieving rent premiums of $150-$200, offering substantial room for improvement by bringing rents in line with the direct competitors.
4. High Demand and Occupancy
Maravilla is currently occupied at 99%! We conducted a comprehensive market analysis, confirming the soaring demand in this submarket, where nearly every comparable property is occupied at near-full capacity.
5. Property Management Team Staying
The existing property management team will remain in place, with only one onsite team member undergoing a change. This seamless transition ensures a smooth handover of ownership. Notably, our trusted property management partner, Asset Living, also manages another of our assets and has consistently delivered exceptional results.
6. Price Reduction
This asset was under contract to sell earlier this year for $38,000,000, and the buyer could not close.  The asset also would have likely sold for well over $40,000,000 18 months ago! We are now under contract at $32,750,000, so we are getting a fantastic discount on the Purchase Price.

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